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Historic Wellington

Discover Wellington, the second-oldest town west of the Blue Mountains, nestled in the scenic Wellington Valley. This town boasts a rich history and is located at the confluence of the Macquarie and Bell Rivers, under the majestic gaze of Mount Arthur. Wellington, an essential rural service centre, is renowned for its broad main street lined with cool climate trees and a diverse shopping centre that beautifully blends 1950s architecture with modern facilities.

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A Thriving Community

Today, Wellington thrives as a service centre amidst beef, sheep and wheat country. Our town is energised by a burgeoning tourism sector and a vibrant arts and cultural scene. Educational needs are well catered for with two day care centres, three primary schools, and two high schools. 


For sports enthusiasts, we offer top-class facilities including an 18-hole golf course and successful Rugby League and Rugby Union clubs. Wellington also hosts the Wellington Race Club, famous for the Wellington Boot racing carnival.

Accessible & Convenient Connectivity

Wellington is conveniently situated on the main train line from Sydney. The nearby Dubbo airport, just a 40-minute drive from the Wellington CBD, offers multiple daily flights to major cities including Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.


Our town’s strategic location ensures easy accessibility:


  • 40 minutes to Dubbo
  • 60 minutes to Mudgee
  • 40 minutes to Molong
  • 60 minutes to Orange
  • 4.5 hours to Sydney

The Heart of Wellington

At the core of our town is Cameron Park, widely acknowledged as one of the most beautiful public gardens in rural New South Wales. Lining Nanima Crescent, our town’s main thoroughfare, this park is a fusion of natural beauty featuring a sunken garden, exquisite rose beds, and a charming bridge spanning the Bell River.

Burrendong Dam

This engineering marvel not only quenches the thirst of the land but also invites adventurers and peace-seekers alike to its vast expanse. Imagine launching a kayak into the sparkling waters at dawn, fishing rod in hand, as the world awakens around you. By day, the dam becomes a haven for sailing, water skiing, and family picnics along its lush shores. As the sun sets, the sky paints itself in hues of orange and pink, reflecting off the water’s surface, promising serene evenings under the stars. Burrendong Dam isn’t just a body of water; it’s a vibrant community’s heart, pulsing with life and adventure.

Wellington Caves

Dive into the underground marvel that is the Wellington Caves, where history and geology intertwine in the depths of the earth. These caves are a subterranean cathedral of stalactites and stalagmites, echoing tales of ancient seas and prehistoric creatures. Guided tours reveal the secrets of the Cathedral Cave, with its awe-inspiring limestone formations, and the Gaden Cave, home to the delicate beauty of crystal formations.

Architectural Elegance

Our town is a testament to late 19th and early 20th-century architecture, showcasing the proud and bustling history of this regional hub. These historical structures add to the unique charm and character of Wellington.

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